Here are some of the interest statistics as compiled by Hussein.

– 40.2% of the total Middle East population accesses the web,
– 88% of this online population uses social networking on a daily basis,
– In the Middle East, 65% of online users are men, 35% are women,
– 36% of the Middle East of online users are aged between 18 and 24 years,
– Jordan has the highest penetration rate of social networks across Internet users: 88%,
– The smartphones penetration rate in KSA is 63%,
– Facebook is the most popular social network with 94% of the Middle East’s social media users are on it,
– UAE has the highest penetration rate for Facebook (44%),
– 6.5 million users from the Middle East are on Twitter: 3.7 million are active users,
– Arabs produce around 10 million tweets everyday,
– KSA has a penetration rate of 33% for Twitter. It is the highest penetration of Twitter in the world,
– LinkedIn counts over 5.8 million users from the Middle East,
– UAE has the highest LinkedIn penetration with 1.6 million users: A number that has increased by 45% in only 1 year,
– There are 258 million daily views of Youtube videos. 90 million of them come from KSA.