Who doesn’t love a good game of charades? Charades and Pictionary have always been two of my favorite board games. During school years we played board games on a weekly basis and in past years, we made it a yearly ritual whenever we rent out a chalet or a house for NYE to play Pictionary or Charades before the party kicks in.

I also miss board games like Risk and Monopoly but they take too much time, and most of my friends are married and have babies or toddlers now, so we barely have time for Netflix 🙄

I recently stumbled upon a charade game created by a group of Lebanese living in the US. The card game is called “7zar shou” and consists of typical Lebanese sayings like “7ott Ideik bi May Berde”, “Gheshe you Meshe”, “Ta2 7anak”, “Rou7 ballit el ba7er”, “3a mad 3aynak wel nazar”, “Fa2a3leh 2albeh” and other funny and popular sayings we hear every day.

Each team competes by acting out the cards and the team with the most points wins. The box includes 107 playing cards with both Arabic and English translations. Each saying has a certain number of “tarbouche” indicating different difficulty levels.

I love the idea and how they’re spreading awareness on traditional Lebanese sayings through a fun and popular game. In fact, I was telling my American cousins about the game and they thought it would be a great way to teach their kids on Lebanese sayings, especially that they’re struggling to teach them Arabic.

The game is suitable for all ages, and 7zar should is selling and shipping it to the US, Canada, Europe, UAE and Lebanon.

Check it out [here].