Check Out “Yaskot”: The Thawra Game by Game Cooks

The Revolution still needed a mobile game and we finally got one. Check out "Yaskot" by Game Cooks, a new addictive game where two revolutionists wearing Lebanese flags are running from Akkar to Nabatieh dodging & jumping over obstacles while hearing cheering and revolution chants. You also get to restore some stolen money from the government by collecting coins along the way. Download it for or

7zar Shou? Traditional Charades with a Lebanese Twist

Who doesn't love a good game of charades? Charades and Pictionary have always been two of my favorite board games. During school years we played board games on a weekly basis and in past years, we made it a yearly ritual whenever we rent out a chalet or a house for NYE to play Pictionary or Charades before the party kicks in. I also miss board games like Risk and Monopoly but they take too…

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ smartphone game, similar to Pokemon go, rolls out in Lebanon

7 months ago
If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter saga, this game is definitely yours. After initially rolling out in the US on June 21, ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ is progressively being made available in worldwide ...

What the Lebanese General Security Thinks Online Gaming Looks Like

8 months ago
The Lebanese General Security released a video to raise awareness on the dangers of online gaming and that’s what they managed to come up with. It looks as if they’re still stuck in the Counter ...

Huge Gaming Event Happening in #Beirut this July

11 months ago
In collaboration with Virgin Radio Lebanon, Mindwhisk events are organizing for the first time in the country, a huge gaming event entitled “Gamers Unite 2019”, which will take place between July 17 and 21 at ...

The Phoenician Civilization Included in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

11 months ago
I’m a huge Civilization fan. I’ve played this game for years on my computer and even bought the last one but didn’t get the chance to play it (Kids :P). Nevertheless, there’s an exciting new ...

PUBG Getting Banned by the Lebanese Army?

1 year ago
A memo was circulating few days ago on Reddit claiming PUBG was getting banned in Lebanon, but the memo stated that it will be banned to army personnel only. Yesterday, Al Arabiya shared an article ...

Who’s Playing Catan?

2 years ago
From a young age, board games have been a huge part of my entertainment. Stratego, Risk, Pyramid, Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess and many others. I have played so many strategy board and PC games over the ...

A New “Age of Empires” Game is Officially in Development

2 years ago
I think “Age of Empires” was the first game I’ve ever played in a network place. I remember very well the three hottest games back in the late 90s were Outlaws, Delta Force & Age ...

Team Liquid, Featuring Lebanese Maroun Merhej, Wins Dota 2 $10.8M Grand Prize

2 years ago
I’ve never liked Dota2 or WOW or LoL but I know how addictive these games can be and with the lousy internet we have in Lebanon, you need a lot of patience and dedication to ...