Lebanese censorship strikes again. This time on Halloween, at the third edition of the “Maskoon Fantastic Film” festival, organized by Abbout Productions in collaboration with the Metropolis Association, the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) and the Cinemoz website.

The festival, which specializes in horror and thriller movies, opened with a speech announcing that “The Climax”, directed by French-Argentine Gaspard Noé and winner of the Directors’ Week Award at the Cannes Film, as well as”Nocturnal Deconstruction – طلعت الشمس”, a short Lebanese film directed by Laura El Alam, have been banned from screening “for vague and unclear reasons”.

However, “Nocturnal Destruction” ended up winning the “Abbout award” in the Lebanese Short Film competition.

The two movies add to the tall of bans inflicted on the film industry in Lebanon, with the latest victim being “The Nun”, banned on September 17.

You can only check “The Climax”‘s trailer [here].