Media is always trying to portray the generator owner as the people’s enemy but he can be a soft and kind hearted person. He’s not necessarily fat, he doesn’t necessarily smoke and he doesn’t have to be scary. He can be your next door neighbor, the guy you play football with or even the guy you invite over for a drink.

I say we make November 5 the “Be Nice to Your Moteur Guy” day, a day where we invite our Moteur guy over for coffee and croissants, where we chitchat about politics and sports and where we forget the overpriced bills we pay every month. Just pick up your phone, call him to say hi without asking about next month’s bill, or why the “Disjoncteur” keeps on going down, or if he can give us a couple of Amps for free.

Keep in mind we’re headed towards a 24/7 generator-powered nation, so you might as well put his picture up on your car 😂😂. And no, I’m obviously not writing this post at all because we have a fuel crisis and should be expecting further power cuts in the coming weeks, maybe months to come 😜

Live love Moteur el 7ay.