Surprise Surprise! we’re headed towards further electricity blackouts soon if the Lebanese government fails to secure fuel oil very soon. Who’s to blame? As usual they’re all to blame. Energy Ministry is blaming the Finance Ministry and vice versa, but the reality is they’re all playing their political cards instead of providing alternatives.

EDL announced it was forced to shut off two energy production units because of the crisis, reducing Lebanon’s energy production by about 320 megawatts. The Two Turkish power badges “that together provide over 300 MW of electricity may also be forced to shut down soon”, which means that roughly a quarter of Lebanon’s energy production would be gone.

Who’s going to profit from it? The government and the generator owners of course. Meanwhile we’re still waiting for these meters that all generator owners should have installed a month ago (and that will probably never happen).

The authorities will have a very special gift for all Lebanese citizens this December. A Christmas in the dark and an overpriced generator bill!