A picture of a foreign worker holding the Arguile pipe for a customer at a beauty parlor has gone viral in the past couple of days. To be honest, when I shared the picture, I made sure the customer and worker’s faces are blurred because the point was not to bash them personally, but to show what we’ve come to in our society, and how Arguile has become a must even in a freaking beauty parlor.

The parlor’s management was interviewed by Al Jadeed and Annahar and explained that the worker (She called her el Filipiniyye even though she’s Ethiopian) was just picking the Arguile pipe after it had dropped, that cameras were not allowed inside the center and that they’re filing a lawsuit against the person who took the picture. Even the worker in question was interviewed and said she was happy to work there and was only helping out a customer.

This being said, can someone explain to me why is an indoor beauty parlor serving Arguile? and why didn’t anyone raise the legality of that matter? What is the Health Ministry’s stand on that matter? and on the abundance of Arguiles in almost every shop/restaurant/hotel/beauty parlor in Lebanon?