UNICEF and the Ministry of education have kicked off its back to school campaign by pulling an awesome stunt on Ain el Mraysse where they built a small classroom with small chairs, a button on each chair and a small projector facing them. A video showing a small kid called Karim played for few seconds then paused with a display message asking people to sit down for the movie to resume. As more people started filling the seats, Karim was able to get to school and attend his class.

The message is to spread awareness on the importance of education, and more importantly to encourage parents to send their kids to school knowing that it’s for free this year for all. Even stationary and transportation are provided so there’s no excuse for any family, even those struggling financially, not to send their kids to school. After all, any form of education is better than no education and they would be destroying their children’s future by doing so. Our kids are our heroes and our only hope for the future.

This particularly applies to refugee children who are being forced into child labor and sent out on the streets to beg and sell merchandise. I know our public schools are not the best but they will provide a safe environment for all these children, a chance to socialise with each other and stay away from the street. More importantly, education remains the best weapon against fanaticism and terrorism.

Watch the video below: