I am sure whomever came up with this page had good intentions but creating a Facebook page and starting contest based on likes and a jury to help a town being taken over by Islamists/Rebels/Soldiers is a bit weird and sends out the wrong message. They should have simply encouraged people to submit entries and share them and that’s about it.

As far as I am concerned, the only way Lebanese could help Maaloula is by staying away from Maaloula.

Our part will be circulating and promoting all your creations across social media. The top contributors will be selected based on the following rank: 40% for the number of likes, and 60% based on our jury’s decision. The members of the jury will be announced soon.

What are the awards? For videos, you’ll see your video broadcasted on selected local TV stations in Lebanon. For articles and artwork, we will send in your submission for publishing by selected local newspapers and websites.