Qammou3a reserve – Akkar

A 10-day long online poll was conducted recently by Lebanon’s French daily L’Orient Le-Jour in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism where people were asked to vote for their favorite village in Lebanon.

More than 120,000 people participated and Akkar al-Atika emerged as Lebanon’s favorite village for 2016, winning over tens of other towns including Ehden, Dhour el Choueir, Hammana, Jezzine and others.

Akkar is one of the most beautiful areas in Lebanon. I was really surprised when I went up the first time as I did not think such beauty and green scenery existed in Lebanon. One of the biggest towns there is Kobayat, a gorgeous place very rich in natural, historical, and religious pilgrimage sites.

If you want more reasons to visit Akkar, check out these “Five Reasons To Visit Kobayat (Akkar)” that I posted last year.

kobayat festivals The Kobayat festivals is the biggest event for the town and in Akkar during the summer.

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