Alfa launched its 4G service few weeks back at Le Royal Dbayyeh and now all 3G subscribers can connect to the 4G network if their devices or smartphones allow them to. I thought the Samsung S4 would be 4G enabled but the version we have in Lebanon is not, same for the Note3. On the other hand, I was able to connect with the LG G2 to the 4G and I will share few speed tests later on.

You can find here below the 4G coverage map. Of course it’s good to finally have 4G in Beirut and few areas outside it but we need bigger quotas as 4G speeds will imply further Mbytes consumption. I am already finishing my 1.5Gb before the end of the cycle and I sure don’t want to pay more than 29$ to increase my quota.

4G [High-Res]