Whenever i call Alfa support, i keep hoping that this time they will be able to actually help me but in vain. I am not quite sure why i bother try calling them again.

I called this morning to activate the GPRS on my phone. It took few hours to work and i started browsing the net and adding few applications. I downloaded Live Messenger application among others like two hours ago. Since then, i got no phone calls nor messages and received an email from a friend asking me why my phone is closed.

I call Alfa to ask them if there’s any problem with my line, they answer me that everything is ok and i should try it on another phone.

I explain that i had this issue before with the WhatsApp application. They answer me that i have to visit a cellular store to resolve the issue.

I guess we all know now why the support line 111 is for free, simply because no one would ever pay money to listen to meaningless B.S.

PS: I removed the MSN application and restart my Iphone. It worked fine.