[Picture and Article from beirutnightlife]

This is one last update on the Naccache bridge that was closed and Zalzali’s 15% statistics on the delay caused by his stupid fashion show.

Dear Monsieur Jeff,
I left Achrafieh yesterday at 5:15 pm, reached the Naccache bridge at 5:38 pm and got home by 5:55 pm.

Two days ago, it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get past Marina Dbayyeh. Let me help Jeff here figure out how much more time (%) this means as he appears to be mathematically challenged.

What took me 23 minutes on a regular day took me 85 minutes during your show, meaning an additional 62 minutes or 370% more time than the usual.

Next time this happens, we have to figure out a way to sue him and Nataly’s agency or maybe throw eggs at them during the show.