We’ve seen short animated movies in Lebanon before but we’ve never had a 90 minute long animated 100% Lebanese movie. Beirut Cultural Festivals want to reach out to young viewers and help them explore our country’s marvellous regions and unique heritage on the largest screen in the world. .

“Alwan Beirut” is showing from July 3 till July 5 at Beirut’s Hippodrome. The story’s main character is a cartoon Nejmeh Square clock, who is sad because Beirut has lost all of its vibrant colors due to excess pollution, lack of green spaces and fresh water. Another character comes in, Mim (like the Arabic letter “M”) and shows Nejmeh Square Clock that Beirut is actually bursting with colors, and she starts touring the country’s different regions with her and showing her she shouldn’t be sad.

Other characters include Nejmeh, Arz, Aleph, Caffe, Raqwe, Saboune, Abou Ash, Zaatar etc. You can get tickets [here].

Check out the trailer: