[YouTube] You can see Ismail Ahmad fighting with Sagesse Fans towards the end

Update: Sports and Youth Minister Abdul-Mutalleb al-Hinawi canceled Thursday’s game in the Lebanese Basketball Championship following a violent fight involving Sagesse fans and Riyadi players.

I’ve heard a lot of versions and I think the only party to blame is the Lebanese Basketball Federation. The fans should not be allowed in the court when the game ends and the players are still on the field. It’s as simple as that and this is always how the fights begin. NO ONE is allowed to leave his place till all the players or at least the opposing team goes into the lockers. Moreover, if any of the team officials takes part in a fight, he should be banned for 5 years and not just the season.

If any team violates this rule, the person and the team are fined, the same way the FLB fined both teams for the behavior of their fans for Game 2 and 3.

As far as the game is concerned, it was yet another close one and it’s very hard to predict who’s going to win. What matters is that the series end and we have a winner not like last year.

You can see another video of the fight [Here].

Thank you Anthony for the video!