I am surprised I’ve never heard of Darine Hotait before. She has 3 short films such as ‘Beirut Hide and Seek’, ‘The Far Side of Laughter’ and ‘Command or Truth’ that were officially selected and awarded at international film festivals. She was also a finalist for an Emmy award in 2012 for directing the animated video of ‘Ashur’.

I am going to download “Beirut Hide and Seek” and watch it as it looks like an interesting movie. As for Orb, it’s a science-fiction movie that Hotait is working on. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“My Beirut in 2050 is a place that gathers two kinds of human beings: the perfected ones and the brain dead ones. There is no place for a third kind. And if there is a third kind they are immediately killed.”

“The interesting thing is”, and with that Darine Hotait concluded our conversation, “that Beirut 2050 is not very different from Beirut 2014. More people are looking for perfection through continuous services that are being offered. More people are becoming brain dead due to the lack of freedom of thought. Consciousness is buried under the dramatized empire of capitalism.”

You can read more about it [Here] and support it [Here].