ASHEKMAN just kicked off a huge project in Beirut’s Ouzai area where they will be painting hundreds of houses and buildings to show the word سلام (Peace in Arabic). The gigantic Arabic calligraffiti will be visible from the sky for all planes landing in the nearby Beirut airport.

The aim is to “convey a bold and positive message to the rest of the world (and Aliens from space) that #Lebanon is a country of diversity, tolerance and peace”. This is an awesome initiative supported by Ayad Nasser and curator19.90.

ASHEKMAN is also taking part in the initiative to turn Ouzai into #Ouzville, which was initiated by Ayad Nasser and curator19.90 as well, and they’ve already started drawing on its walls and adding colors to the area. Here’s their latest:

Gino will be down with them on Saturday and has already posted about it. I’ll try to join them, if not will follow up for updates 🙂