So my younger brother calls me yesterday and tells me he has a good story for the blog. He has been telling me that numerous times but that’s the first time he really has an interesting story.

He was driving in Kaslik along with my cousin shopping for some new shorts. As they were leaving Timberland, they hear two girls dressed in sexy clothes call them and ask them if they want a Lollipop.

They were like what the heck and took the lollipops and drove away. Few minutes later, they look at the lollipops and realized they are shaped like a male genital organ. Yup! penis-shaped lollipops being handed out by sexy girls in Kaslik.

There’s no label on the lollipop or name or anything. It just says “lollipop”. Bruno would have been delighted to have it that’s for sure!!

Thanks Choogz!