If you have any clothes that you don’t need and wish to give away or want to get some clothes and donate them to refugees, show up this Saturday at Biel (“Beirut By Bike” arena) from 11am to 6pm and drop your bag. All the clothes will go to SAWA for DEV & AID and the blankets will go to War Child Holland (WCH in Lebanon).

Even if you have one item to give away, do so as it is the thought that matters. Check out more information [Here].

“I AM NOT A TOURIST” is an initiative to collect winter clothing and blankets for Syrian refugees of all ages in the Bekaa Valley and Akkar.
There’s so much YOU can do. Winter is here & while our jackets are stuffed in the closet and we are tucked under our sheets, drinking our tea…
– Mohamad, age 20 was asked what he wanted for his birthday this year. His answer was: A blanket for my sister.
-Zahra’s bones can’t withstand the temperature any longer. With such basic shelter, she might not make it.
-Ali, a 13 year old kid whose only happiness comes from playing football, needs shoes. Yes, he has no shoes.
– Zeinab, age 20 is now the guardian angel of her 4 brothers and 3 nieces who lost their parents. She can’t afford a cold.