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Based on what Ralph posted today on his blog, Beirut City Center has finally decided to stop using fake bomb detectors and switched to real ones. The device they are using is probably a trace detector which operates by “detecting trace particles of explosives, most likely based on ion-mobility spectrometry (IMS) as well”, as explained by Zod Security.

CityMall was before that the only mall to use real explosive detector, the MO2M detector. “It operates by taking an air sample and analyzing it, in order to detect the presence of explosives particles, in which case, an alarm would sound. It is based on ion-mobility spectrometry (IMS).”

I can’t believe I first posted about this matter 4 years ago, and despite that some malls are using these fake machines.

You can read the full interview with Zod Security, a leader in security equipment in Lebanon, that Ralph conducted [Here].