Numbers for all the categories are available in Cloud961’s Issue [Here]

The official numbers for the 2013 Social Media Awards are out in the latest Cloud961 issue that you can download [Here]. I am glad they decided to roll out the numbers as it shows transparency and helps clarify things for participants and those who criticized the awards.

As you all probably know, BlogBaladi won the Blog Of The Year Award and I have to say I am shockingly yet pleasantly surprised by the number of votes the blog got!

If you go through the results, Only LebaneseMemes and Anthony Touma were able to gather more public votes, which is great! Even in the “Best News Blog” category, BlogBaladi got the highest number of public votes.

Having said that, Many thanks once again to the 1774 awesome people who voted for us and the 6 judges for their trust in this blog!

PS: +961 also posted about this [Here].