If you haven’t experienced Lebanon by bike you’re definitely missing out. Even though there aren’t that many pre-set bike trails, there are plenty of awesome locations where you can bike and enjoy the sceneries. Few years back, we used to go on a trail all the way from Hrajil to Afqa and it was a beautiful one, biking between Amchit and Batroun is also quite enjoyable.

Here are the bike trails/locations that I know of:

Biel Waterfront: (it’s by the sea and only dedicated to bikes and pedestrians)
Raouche – Ain el Mraisse: (there’s a long sidewalk where anyone can bike)
– Byblos-Amchit-Batroun: Byblos will have soon a dedicated bike trail but until then, you can bike in the souks and on the seaside road.
– Tripoli: on the Mina or around the Rashid Karam exhibition center, it’s quite easy to bike there.
– Saida: Similarly to Ain el Mraisse, there’s a long sidewalk where you can bike alongside the sea.

If you want to go up to the mountains, it’s better to check with locals or groups that organize bike trips there.

Some of the locations I recommend are:

– Faraya/Mzaar/Kfardebian: Warde to Chabrouh or Warde to Mzaar.
Kobayat & Old Akkar: There are so many places to bike and hike there.
– Ehden (Horsh Ehden) and the Shouf Biosphere Reserve.
– Hasroun to the Tannourine Cedar Reserve.
– Baskinta – Sannine or Faqra to Baskinta: Beautiful sceneries.
– Laqlouq and Zaarour.

There’s also a new road that you can take from Sheile all the way to Dar3oun/Harissa.

There are plenty of groups that organize bike rides in Lebanon. To name few:
[Bike Generation]
[Beirut by Bike]
[MTB Lebanon]
[Bike Lebanon]