Boiler Room finally landed in Beirut! Following their collaboration with Ballantines, the third event “True Music” series took place this past week in Hazmieh, Beirut.

Boiler Room is a music broadcasting platform streaming live music sessions around the World. Since its beginnings in 2010 in London, UK, this venue has spread to over 100 cities across continents. The concept of the venue is mainly Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in a garage setting. To all EDM fans, it was a long awaited event.

For over 5 hours, the garage venue was packed with people from all over the World: Morocco, Cyprus, Malta, Russia, France, and many more. Whoever I met was in love with Beirut. All in all, a great DJ line up of local and international artists who carried us through the night.

To see the entire event, click here.

Until next time, hopefully soon.