Minister of Social Affairs announced yesterday a new schedule for government employees that goes as such:

Monday till Thursday from 7:30AM till 3:15PM
Friday from 8AM till 11AM

In other words, they will be only working four days a week now and you’d be lucky to finish any papers on Friday. To be honest, I find it ridiculous that we’re reducing working hours instead of improving productivity. Further more, turning Saturday into a holiday may have been a good move but it’s a major headache for most Lebanese who cannot afford to take a day off to finish papers. Take for example someone who’s planning to renew his passports or issue new passports for his kids, he will need to head there in person with the family and have his kids take a day off from school in order to do so.

I’ve been delaying renewing my driving license just because I have to go there in person and I cannot do it on a week day. Why not leave Saturday off and offer other alternatives?