I love his advice to the European countries. I am sure the streets will be filled with demonstrators if his view was implemented.

Billionaire Carlos Slim, age 73, says workers—those in developed economies, anyway—are at their prime in their 60s and there is no reason for them to retire.

“When you have an industrial economy like in the past where people … do a lot of physical work and people live less years, it’s OK to retire at 65,” Slim told CNBC. “(But) When you have a society of knowledge and experience and information, at this age is where you are at your best.

“Today they are working 35 hours. Now when you talk about 9 to 5, it’s five days, eight hours. But with a coffee break and lunch etc., they work seven hours. They are working at most 35 hours. Maybe it’s better to work only three days for 11 hours and have four days and this way others will work,” he said. [Link]