Lebanese Blogs 2016 Year in Review: BlogBaladi Among The Most Viral Blogs

Lebanon's most popular blog aggregator Lebanese Blogs has published "The 16 Most Viral Lebanese Blog Posts of 2016" based on hard data gathered and analyzed from the thousands of posts that were published and indexed this past year and four Blog Baladi posts made it to the list! Lebanese MP Says Women to Blame for being Raped We Finally Have A Kickass Tourism Video In Lebanon Tripoli Becomes The First Lebanese City To Get a…

What’s new on BlogBaladi?

Almost a month ago, I announced the blog's new layout and I've been working ever since to finalize a few remaining details before launching them properly. You've probably noticed most of these changes by now but for those who didn't, here's what new on the blog: New Layout & Mobile version: It took more than a year and tons of changes to come up with the new layout. As mentioned earlier, I focused a lot…
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BlogBaladi Has a New Look!

7 years ago
A fresh look for the blog has been long overdue and is finally here. I’ve been working on it for more than a year to come up with a responsive, user-friendly and modern layout. I ...
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LebaneseBlogs 2014 Stats: I Am Lebanon’s Most Prolific Blogger And BlogBaladi Has The Highest #1 Posts in 2014

9 years ago
My favorite Lebanese aggregator [LebaneseBlogs] just released its stats for 2014 and sorted them into five different top lists: Lebanon’s 20 Most Shared posts on Facebook. Lebanon’s 20 most shared posts on Twitter. Lebanon’s most ...
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BlogBaladi Undergoing Maintenance

10 years ago
We will be switching servers and doing some changes in the next couple of days, so if you notice any weird things it’s probably cause of that. Hopefully we won’t be facing any major issues ...
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BlogBaladi mobile version

11 years ago
Mobile version of BlogBaladi.com is now enabled. This will allow users to load the blog faster on their smartphones and surf more easily on any mobile browser. Suggestions are more than welcome. ...
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BlogBaladi on Facebook!

12 years ago
I finally created a fan page for BlogBaladi on Facebook. It will be updated daily with Blog posts and some other non-Blog material that we feel like sharing. Feel free to join in [Here]. ...
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BlogBaladi top on Google Search

13 years ago
Search for Lebanese Blog on Google and BlogBaladi shows up on top. That doesn’t mean it’s the #1 blog but it’s pretty cool. [BlogBaladi] ...
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Me and Maya are on CNN!

13 years ago
CNN just released their “Ten must-read blogs from the Middle East” and both Maya and I have made the list! That’s pretty cool, check out the article [Here] ...
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BlogBaladi Turns 1!

13 years ago
BlogBaladi has officially turned 1! We turned one actually over a week ago but I didn’t think to check our launch date until Danielle posted about her blog turning one a few days back. In ...