Forever 21 Set to Open in City Centre Beirut By January 2015

via Gino A lot of people have been asking me about Forever 21 and when it is set to open at City Centre Beirut. Well unfortunately it won't be opening before mid January 2015 as I was told. I tried to ask about the Cheese Cake Factory since it interests me more than a retail shop but there's not a set date yet.

Michael Kors Opens Its First Store In Beirut

9 years ago
I’ve seen the brand in malls like ABC but this is the first standalone store in the country. Michael Kors is now open on Fakhry Bey Street in the Beirut Souks area. I checked the ...

Rolex Boutique Open In Jounieh

9 years ago
I posted about Rolex opening soon 3 weeks ago and it’s already open now. Here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday. I am still surprised they chose Jounieh souks as a location. ...

Guess What This Shop Sells …

9 years ago
I always pass by this shop when it’s closed but the other day, I was walking next to it and looked inside. It’s quite an unusual name for such a shop. ...

Rolex Opening A New Boutique In Jounieh

9 years ago
As surprising as it may seem, Rolex is opening a new boutique in the old souk of Jounieh. The new boutique is a old renovated house and is located in the old souks of Jounieh ...

Victoria’s Secret Opening At ABC Achrafieh On March 20

9 years ago
It’s definitely not the first Victoria’s Secret shop in Lebanon as it’s already open at Beirut City Center but it’s probably the first VS lingerie shop as the one at BCC only sells makeup and ...

Love Translator App by The Mukhi Sisters

10 years ago
[YouTube] It’s no secret that men and women don’t always get each other. That’s why the Mukhi sisters have come up with a fun Valentine app that translates what women really mean. Men just type ...