Founded in 2018 by Raphael and Roger Zakkar, sons of┬áMax Zaccar, president of “Commercial Insurance”, this new mobile application is taking Lebanon by storm, and if you haven’t used it yet, you’ll find it’s super convenient and easy to do.

Forget about banks and travel agencies. Forget about having to do multiple trips to get expensive insurances for travel, car, home or medical malpractice purposes. This app does it for you at extremely convenient and cheap prices, with a few clicks. What’s so practical about it, is that you can get a travel insurance for instance while abroad in the blink of an eye, if ever you forgot to do so before your trip. Note that this will get you a free Anghami Plus subscription too.

Based in Lebanon, with a goal of expanding to the Gulf region and Egypt this year, it is available for download via the AppStore and Google Play.