BlogBaladi’s team was invited to attend Crepaway Sodeco Branch’s opening two weeks ago. Chahe & I attended the event which was very successfull and pleasant.

There’s one thing that I love about Crepaway, is that they chose the best locations for their restaurants. Either in Kaslik, Maameltein, in the middle of Hamra street or Broumanna, they are always great hangout places. My favorite was and will always be Crepaway Kaslik. [Link]

Similarly, Sodeco branch is located after Dunkin Donuts and on the street where there are lots of restaurants (Piazza, Bodeguita del Medio, Falamanki) and pubs (Gold, Element etc ..). It has a huge parking lot right next to it which is very convenient.

As far as the party is concerned, there were lots of entertainers, all wearing costumes or eccentric clothes and fitting the “Come as you are” theme. Mini burgers and sandwiches as well as chicken wings were being distributed for everyone and it was an open drink night.

Another theme of the event was peace (Since it was the civil war remembrance day on that day:April 13) and there was a tank-shaped balloon at the entrance along with its guns covered with flowers and sandbags around it and at the entrance door. Turns out those sandbags contained seeds ready to plant and were given as souvenirs for all attendees.

I must congratulate Crepaway on this very successfull event and I have to admit I’ve been really impressed by he professional work their marketing team have been pulling, however there’s always the customer service issue (mainly the waiters/waitresses) which is yet to be resolved at Crepaway.

There is no noticeable consistency in the service as it’s sometimes perfect and quick and other times slow and full of mistakes, and those other times are pretty frequent.

Nevertheless, I always keep coming back to visit Crepaway every now and then, as they have more items on their menu than any other diner, including their awesome crepes, and I’ve noticed a major improvement lately in the service but still not enough to make me re-become the regular I was few years back, but I am quite confident they will get there with the professional staff they have.

PS: BlogBaladi was featured in the April-May Hangout Magazine. You can check it out here. [Link]