Crêpes à GoGo is a new place in town that does only crepes. It opened few weeks back in Gemmayze street and its price list is very reasonable and ranges between 2$ for a simple chocolate crepe to 4-5$ for adding several ingredients. I have no clue if it is a local place or is related to the Crepe a Gogo place in Toronto, Canada.

I am a big fan of crepes (I don’t like pancakes though) and my favorite place for crepes is Crepaway. However, My favorite crepes are my mother’s.
We just ordered 4 crepes, so let’s see if they turn out to be good.

Delivery number: 01-570887

Update: We ordered 2 nutella and nuts crepes, 1 kinder and nuts crepe and a dark chocolate crepe. They were decent but a bit too small. I like Crepaway’s crepes better.