Check out this list of 10 things ThisisBeirut has learned about dating in Lebanon. [Link]

I must say I disagree with some of the points mentioned and agree on others.

– Point1 differs from one person to another and needs love to begin with before few of the things mentioned are checked, such as education or social status.

– Point2 is valid even outside Lebanon yet Marina Dbayyeh is a bad example as the action taking place there is most of the time paid for.

– Point3 is mainly due to the girls’ behavior rather than guys. Playing incredibly hard to get and dancing in groups and getting their muscled brother or cousin or friend along with them are not very positive indicators when a guy wants to hit on a girl. Nevertheless, here also girls vary and guys as well.

– Point4 is totally wrong. Not sure if there’s a difference between dating Lebanese or non-Lebanese here.

– Point5 is also valid outside. Only difference is that couples usely move in together.

– Point6 is not really related to dating?

– The sex issue in Lebanon is still a taboo and while all girls pretend to be virgin, all guys have had sex at least 100 times.

– (Point8) That’s because the greatest majority of Eastern European workers in Lebanon work in Maameltein.

– Point9 is also valid almost anywhere not just in Lebanon.

– Point10 is another proof of how messed up and fake many Lebanese women are.

Dating in Lebanon is quite a complicated process and is related to many many factors that don’t come in any specific order. It’s a total chaos and few lucky ones come out with the perfect match.