The Jezzine region is one of the most beautiful regions in Lebanon, with its unexplored natural landscapes, mountain peaks and gorgeous pine forests and of course its one-of-a-kind waterfall. I always recommend Jezzine to anyone visiting Lebanon and Jezzine’s tourism office just released a couple of awesome videos to promote the region.

The first one is a promotional one …

while the second is Jezzine through the eyes of the highly esteemed journalist Claude Abou Nader Hindi:

The campaign is entitled “it’s in our nature” and invites you to explore and experience Jezzine in all its beauty. The website has all the information you need on Jezzine’s hiking trails, cycling trails, camping grounds, cliffs, picnic grounds, the town’s historical sites, where to stay in Jezzine, where to enjoy the best food of Jezzine and other useful tips.

There’s also an email and a number you can call to plan your visit.
Phone: +961 (0)7 780 563