I went to Batroun the past weekend to drop a friend and decided to pass by Jbeil and have dinner there. I haven’t been to Jbeil souks for a while, so i thought i take a walk and see what’s happening. To my surprise, the streets were fully renovated and packed with restaurants, pubs, shops and lots of people.

Turns out i’ve been missing out since the past summer!
I was advised to go to écafe and so i did. The place was big and beautiful and was more of a cafe trottoir than a restaurant. The food was also delicious and affordable and most importantly the service was quick and professional.

The only problem i faced were cats, as my gf hates them and i had to interrupt my dinner many times to scare them away lol!

Over all, i will definitly be going there soon to try the pubs and see how’s the nightlife picking up there.

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