The Sheikh who approved the marriage should be put in prison, as well as the sick man who took the girl from her family. Let’s see if the authorities will work on freeing the girl unless we need to seek foreign help for these issues too.

Mystery has been surrounding the marriage of the 13-year-old Eva Ghazal to Hussein Msheik despite her father’s objection. Eva Ghazal was reportedly kidnapped by people who had financial issues with her father, but the kidnappers surprised Eva’s parents by informing them that their daughter has become married to their relative.

However, their marriage is null according to Sheikh Hussein Abdallah and attorney Soha Ismail who stressed that such an act is also considered a crime and its perpetrators could be punished by the law.

While Eva is still in custody of her kidnappers; her family is calling on the authorities to take the necessary measures in this regard. [LBC]