The owner of the shop selling “Janerik” (greengage) for 200,000LL per kilo showed up on LBCI a couple of days ago and claimed that it cost him almost $100 per kilo to get the fruit all the way to Lebanon and that he didn’t make much money out of it.

Everyone’s been trolling the shop ever since that picture came out, and his justification only made things worse. He bought 7 kilos for barely 100$ and he’s selling each kilo for almost $135, which means he’s making $850 worth of profit!! Adding the plane ticket’s price to the total cost is ridiculous, as he could have asked anyone coming from Turkey to bring along these fruits and that’s not how you price your products anyway.

We all understand out-of-season fruits and vegetables are more expensive, but this is outrageous and the worst part for me is that he wrote “Baladi’ on them which means that they’re a local produce. So not only is the shop overcharging its customers, but they’re misleading them too.

Here are some of the funniest comments on this whole “Janerik” thing: