I was less active during Week 2 and only averaged 10,077 steps on a daily basis but I’ve been skipping dinners when I wasn’t able to exercise and I found a small mini cycle that I had forgotten about at home, so I completed a 20K cycle 3 times. I did twice the push-up exercises but I’m still behind schedule.

As of this morning, I’ve lost so far 3.4 KG and I’m hoping to pick up the pace this week and get to the 5 KG on time. I got donuts, cookies and chocolate as Christmas gifts so far but I didn’t touch any. I also got two huge boxes of chocolate from Nougatini but I didn’t taste any yet. Let’s hope I won’t end up eating all of them one day after the challenge is over LOL!

Last but not least, a shout out to Rayan, one of the blog’s readers, who joined the challenge since Day1 and is beating Jimmy & I in terms of kilos and exercises. Keep it up it’s totally worth it 😀

PS: I want to thank Deek Duke again for sending me these light meals and helping me eat healthy throughout the week.