#TripoliLB unveiled yesterday its stunning Christmas tree at the Rachid Karameh expo under the #IndeedBetterTogether slogan to send out a message of unity and hope to all the Tripolitans and Lebanese. The tree was set up on one of Oscar Niemeyer’s landmarks and lit up the expo area along with a large Christmas village.

Tripoli’s end of year festivities will continue till December 22. Here’s the detailed schedule:

Friday December 16:
4 PM scientific show (Free entrance)
6 PM Guinness record for the biggest soap tree
8:30 PM Guy Manoukian (Tickets available at Virgin)

Friday December 17:
Parade Fun +1
8:30 PM Alessandro Safina (Tickets available at Virgin)

Saturday December 18:
4 PM Circus (Free entrance)
8:30 PM Melhem Zein (Tickets available at Virgin)

Sunday December 19:
Orphans celebration gifts distribution
Lynn Hayek & Ghinwa (private for orphans)
Mini Parade
DTA band (Free entrance)

Monday December 20:
4:30 PM Louna kids show (Free Entrance)
5 PM (Roberto Carlos)

Tuesday December 21:
Parade Fun +1
Fun + 1 kids show: Paw Patrol (Free entrance)
8:30 PM Georges Nehme (Tickets available at Virgin)

Wednesday December 22:
5 PM: Jad et La Mission Scolaire (Free entrance)
8:30 PM Joseph Attieh (Tickets available at Virgin)

Tripoli has been suffering for years from development and economic deprivation despite being Lebanon’s second largest city and having all the necessary components to become a second economic capital. We’ve seen several campaigns aiming at reviving Tripoli’s economy and enhancing its image and these festivities are the perfect way to end this year and open a new page for 2017.

Here are few pictures of Tripoli’s gorgeous Christmas decoration taken by Indeed Better Together Team and Pulse Production: