Almost 8 years ago, I got introduced to Furn Beaino by mistake. I was at my friend’s shop in Sarba and he told me “let’s go have the best Lahm Baajine in town” so we headed to Furn Beaino, a small oven located in Sarba on the way down to Jounieh and waited for like 15 minutes to get our order. The oven was crowded inside out and everyone wanted their Lahm Baajine. As soon as I tasted it, I understood what the fuss was all about and I’ve been a regular ever since.

The Lahm Baajine is unique: Thin and crunchy dough filled with a fresh and rich meat mixed with tomatoes and onions. Everything is prepared in house on a daily basis from fresh premium produce and it’s so delicious you will be asking for a second one before you finish the first. In fact, most of the people I meet there are always eating one while waiting for their order. They’re all like “Macheele wa7de la hone wou 7adderle 4 Lahme 4 Zaatar 2 Chanklish”. If you’re wondering what Chanklish is, it’s a Man2oushe filled with Chanklish and it’s pretty awesome too. In fact, I love most of their Manakish but it’s the Lahm Baajine that keeps me coming back.

What I love more about Beaino is how professional and friendly their staff is, and how clean the place is. Even though it’s a small oven, they are super-clean, super-professional and friendly and they’ve been working for years on improving the service and maintaining their standards high. The best part is that it was only word of mouth that got this place to become so popular as they only recently launched their FB page and they were kind enough to contact me first and thank me for blogging about them as I was the first one to do so, without even knowing the owners.

The only thing missing for Furn Beaino was a delivery menu and service and they’ve been working on it for quite some time and have finally launched it today! They extended their original menu to include new items such as Pizzas, Chicken wraps, beverages and desserts. They’re also selling their own homemade yogurt and minted-yogurt, which is a very smart move since everyone loves to drink yogurt with their Lahm Baajine.

So I just called an hour ago and ordered the following:
– Lahm Baajine with 1 Yogurt & 1 Minted Yogurt.
– 1 Pepperoni Pizza
– 1 Easy Cheesy
– 1 Turkey & Cheese Wrap
– 1 Spicy Chicken Wrap
– 1 Guilt-free Chicken Wrap

I also got the Chocolate Wrap as a dessert.

The Lahm Baajine was fresh, hot and tasty. I had the minted-yogurt with it and LOVED it!
The Pepperoni & Easy Cheesy were surprisingly good. Cheese-Filled and good pepperoni.
The wraps were huge and rich in flavor and ingredients. I preferred the Turkey & Cheese over the Guilt-free chicken. A friend of mine tried the Spicy Chicken (I hate spicy) and he loved it. The whole wheat & oat dough used for the wraps is excellent.

Last but not least, The Chocolate Wrap is an enhanced Chocoba with premium Belgian chocolate, banana and crushed hazenults and it’s delicious 🙂

Price-wise, the whole order cost me LL55,000 which is a very reasonable price for what you’re getting.

You can now order by calling 09 22 55 44 and check out the delivery menu below: