I love this. #FutureReina is a first-of-its-kind campaign launched by the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon using Artificial Intelligence to raise awareness and funds for its no-cost treatment of cancer patients. Using AI, Beirut-based agency Republique, was able to recreate Reina in the future and give her a glimpse on how she would look like.

How did they do it?

The campaign directed by Cherine El Khoury, took 5 months of intense work with a team of over 40 people working with data, AI software, motion tracking systems and graphic filters. To be able to create the most accurate portrayal of Reina in the future, we relied on a catalog of pictures from Reina’s immediate family to analyze their ageing process. This helped develop a digital recreation of Reina, as close as possible to her future self.

The message behind it:
Using AI to fast forward an 8-year old cancer patient into the future, in order to show how donations can ensure 80% survival rate at the free treatment center in Beirut.

A beautifully-made and touching video. A bright future awaits you Reina 😇