I know i promised ten days of giveaways and most of you are not expecting any gifts today. Well on the contrary, today we’ll be giving away the campaign’s grand prize:

A Samsung 8.2 Megapixels Digital Camera courtesy of Khoury Home!

Yup, you heard me right. Today’s giveaway is the Samsung L100 8.2 megapixels with a digital image stabilisation and face detection function.

Khoury Home is Lebanon’s leading retailer of household products and was voted the Number 1 Levant Retailer for 2010. Their vision is to become in the upcoming years the clear leader in the retail business of household products and appliances, in Lebanon, the Levant and the Middle East.

Their goal is to support a business environment that provides “best in class” service for our customers delivered by “best in class” professionals.

[Taken from Website]

I mostly go to Khoury Home whenever i need to buy household products and very rarely to other places. I find everything i need there at fair prices and the customer service is quite remarkable. I love how spacious the place is too, you don’t feel it’s too crowded yet there’s everything. Also, Khoury Home is probably the only retailer in Lebanon that allows you to purchase online and deposit online payments for wedding lists.

Last but not least, i wish to thank the Khoury Home staff for their generosity and for this great gift that is “la Cerise sur le Gâteau” that we needed for our campaign.

We will exceptionally keep the post open until tomorrow morning and hold the draw at exactly 2:48am.

Why 2:48am? Well for two reasons:
1- Everyone would be too busy having dinner and exchanging gifts at night and maybe attending the Christmas mass at midnight. That way they will still have time to come back and comment.
2- I am a big fan of the 248am blog and the time fits well so why not?

Good luck everyone!

Update: I am noticing a lot of people posting from the same ip. I will deliberately delete comments that i find suspicious or duplicated or originating from the same person.

Update2: The poll was closed and the winner is [Here]

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Alfa Mabrouk to Roniabinader and Merry Christmas everyone!

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