Today’s giveaway is from my favorite catering place in Lebanon, Kitchen Market! 10 free meal vouchers will be distributed equally to 5 lucky winners. The vouchers can be used all week long except Sundays and include a daily platter with a side salad.

I’ve been introduced to this place over a year and a half ago, and since then I’ve been eating there once or twice a week at least. Kitchen Market is mainly specialized in Arabic food, but also does a daily Plat Du Jour covering many cuisines from Oriental to European and many others. It caters for all events and handles everything from the food to the chairs, tables, cakes, drinks etc ..

They have so many awesome dishes that I lost count of them all, but my favorite of all time is the Paella which is a must! Their chicken wings are also amazing and are grilled with the chef’s special sauce. Grilling is apparently the healthiest way to cook chicken wings but also the hardest.

Last but not least, Kitchen Market has a set menu every Christmas which includes all sorts of pies (Asparagus (42$), Seafood (65$), Supreme (55$), 4cheese (50$) and Spinach(45$)) and a delicious list of hot dishes including:
– Oriental Turkey (120$)
– Oriental Lamb Gigot (100$)
– Vegetable Lamb Gigot (120$)
– Spanish Paella (150$)
– Salmon “Bellevue” (165$)

Their Christmas Turkey is mouth-watering and i recommend it to everyone. Even my aunt who is so proud of her turkey recipe admitted it’s better than hers and is ordering it this year. For those interested in ordering the Christmas Turkey, you will need to notify Kitchen Market’s management 48 hours in advance and place your order before December the 21st. You can find here below the full contact information

88 street | Adonis | Zouk Mosbeh | 09 223 668 – 09 211 668

For more information about Kitchen Market visit their facebook page [Here]

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