Newsweek Middle East featured an article on Hanna Mitri’s Al Salam ice-cream shop. Mitri’s mission for the past 67 years has been to create real ice cream without any artificial products and he offers eight different flavors, four sorbets (lemon, rosewater, strawberries, and apricots) and four milk-based flavors (pistachio, chocolate, caramel and almond). He occasionally makes watermelon and mango which are two of my favorite flavors.

I work few minutes away from Hanna’s shop and sometimes I’d go have ice cream for breakfast. It’s refreshing and tastes awesome. What I love about this place is that its owners haven’t changed its decor since 1949 and you can still find marks from bullets on the old building where Al Salam shop is located.

For those of you who are not familiar with Achrafieh, here’s a screenshot showing where the shop exactly is and a Google Maps [link]. The link will get you to Dfouni where you just need to walk for a couple of minutes on Mar Mitr street till you find the shop.


Here’s a [link] to the full article.