I was introduced to this campaign few weeks back and I felt like taking part of it from the first second. It is a truly tremendous campaign initiated by Picon with the collaboration of Arc En Ciel and consisting of “a group of socially responsible and environmentally aware students from all across Lebanon for the upcoming 6 months, dedicated to improving Lebanese society and making Lebanon a better place to live.”

There are 6 characters, each covering a certain topic:

1- The Recycler, whose goal is to to turn trash into treasure.
2- Great Grand Hero, on a mission to turn the tetas & jeddos of Lebanon into the kings and queens of memories.
3- Eco Hero, whose aim is to make Lebanon green and beautiful one tree at a time.
4- The Shining Heart, whose goal is to provide poor families in Lebanon with necessities.
5- Extraordinary Hero, who wants to recognize the heart of a champion in everyone and ot show case the extraordinary powers of kids with special needs through sport.
6- The Restorer, on a journey to collect books and restore the environment where students learn.

There is an individual blog for each of the 6 characters showing updates on their latest events and tips on how to become one of those heroes.

What I love most about this initiative is that it is working closely with students from schools all across Lebanon, making them more socially aware at a younger age and inciting the schools’ principals to become more socially responsible and environment-friendly.

I’ve already expressed my willingness to be part of one of their campaigns by giving lectures to students on a certain topic like the Internet or any other activity they might require assistance in.