I wish Simon a full recovery and hope this post will get the attention of some generous donors who will cover the cost of the bone marrow transplant. You can help by contributing [Here].

Simon Badaoui is 23 years old and needs your help to defeat leukemia.

Simon dedicated his life to helping people since his early age. He volunteered with the Lebanese Red Cross and helped saving lives since he was seventen.

When he was 19 years old, life decided to challenge him to save his own life! Four years ago, his fight with leukemia started. The same ambulance car that he used to take to save others arrived one day that year, but this time to transport him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Simon had to drop his university studies. He fought leukemia bravely during the past four years. But leukemia is not easy to fight. Today, his situation is critical. He needs a bone marrow transplant. His brother is the perfect match. All he needs now is the money for the hospital bills.

Time is ticking. Simon and his family are fighting teeth and nails. If you feel you can join the fight and help, please do!

P.S.: Simon is getting his treatment at AUH-Beirut (American University Hospital.) His file number is 1244582.