After being closed for almost 25 years, Horsh Beirut is finally re-opening to the public every Saturday from 7 am to 7 pm. The access to the 40,000-sq-metre pine forest was previously forbidden by the Beirut Municipality for fear of vandalism and poor maintenance, and due to the lack of resources to protect the park.

While I agree that entrance to this park and any public park is a right for all the Lebanese, I think the municipality should only open it on weekends for now until they are well equipped to manage the park at all time. Moreover, and in order to avoid closing Horsh Beirut once again, we have a responsibility as visitors to protect the park by committing to the following rules:

1- The park opens from 7am till 7pm
2- Do not park your car in front of the Horsh gate.
3- No cars or motorcycles are allowed in the park.
4- No sellers allowed inside the park.
5- Hunting is not allowed
6- Smoking and barbecues are not allowed.
7- No littering of any kind, throw your garbage in the designated bins.
8- No fires of any kind are allowed.
9- Playing ball games in the park is prohibited.
10- Do not pick the flowers or plants.
11- No arms of any sort are allowed.
12- For any problems, contact any park employee.

Mabrouk to all the NGOs and individuals who worked on reopening the park and all the Lebanese! Now let’s keep it clean and see you all there tomorrow!

PS: Pets are not allowed at the moment!

horsh beirut