If you ever wonder whether a no waste life is possible in Lebanon, just watch this short video and find out that it’s much easier than you may think. This woman lives a completely no waste life and is sharing tips on how he did so and it’s not rocket science. She avoids plastic, brings her own bags to the supermarket or grocery store and even brings her Tupperware to the butcher.

What she’s doing is very simple yet and is making a huge difference in her life, so imagine what can be done if everyone did the same. We can easily cut out plastic from our life and avoid buying packaged products. It may seem like an impossible task, especially that everyone around us uses plastic but the more people refute these things, the more others will learn.

I already wrote about this many times and I’ve been avoiding plastic as much as possible when I’m out shopping but I didn’t get myself to bring my own bags and jars to the supermarket and grocery store.

This could actually be a great New Year’s resolution. Check out the video: