LBC report on the innocent civilians wounded by the huge explosion

The explosion that shook Achrafieh two days ago destroyed several buildings, shops and vehicles and left many families homeless. Aside from the injured that are being taken care of in hospitals, there are several groups and individuals offering their help to the victims in an attempt to offer them shelter and food.

Earlier this morning, Achrafieh MP Nicolas Sehnaoui tweeted that both Hotel Alexandre in Achrafieh, and Hotel Padova in Sin el Fil will offer the families a free stay for a week. MP Nadim Gemayel got back from abroad yesterday and has already started supporting the families. I have to say Achrafieh MPs, Minister Sehnaoui have shown a remarkable solidarity in the past in times of crisis and were able to substantially help families by collecting over 300,000$ for the families that were victims of the Fassouh building collapse that killed 27 people and injured 12 others. Let’s hope they manage to raise more money this time.

How can you help?
Follow the hashtags #ashrafieh4all and #SassineAid to see how you can help by providing food, shelter or clothes. If you are a blood donor, follow DSCLebanon to see what blood types are needed and where.

There’s also a Fundraising concert planned on Thursday 25/10 at USJ Mathaf to raise money for the families victims of the bombing. Entrance fee is 10$ (or more if you like) and all the money will go to the families.