Last time i was cutting my hair, i was watching whatever is on TV and this video below came up. I watched all of it and i noticed many parts that are very similar to the movie 300. I noted the song and its singer and checked it out few days later. Turns out not only there are very similar scenes to 300 but there are some stolen scenes from the movie.

Minute 2:43 ( All around the fire scene very close to 300)
Minute 3:17 ( Start of battle very similar to 300, javelin thrown at the enemy)
Minute 3:25 till 3:32 (This is the most hilarious one, the exact same scene stolen from 300)
Minute 3:36 (enemy yelling shown upclose, same as 300)
Minute 3:46 (All around the fire scene very similar to 300)
Minute 4:18 till 4:22 (Same exact fight scene as 300)

Minute 4:24 is funny because the guy jumps before the explosion behind him.