Picture taken from LaiquePride Facebook Group

This picture has been circulating around on Facebook and Twitter for the past few days by few people who believe we should not have welcome the Pope. Executive Magazine also posted about this issue [Here]. While I totally respect atheists and non-believers, I think they are a bit over-reacting to an event that has brought joy and hope to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese, Christians and non-Christians.

We have the most corrupt politicians and officials, an overwhelming incompetence in the government institutions, corruption and bribery everywhere, no electricity, no water and lousy internet and the only thing annoying some Lebanese is the Pope? A peaceful guy who prays and blesses people all day?

I think the best answer to those is Jad’s one:

I am an atheist, and I joke about the Pope visiting Lebanon and it’s funny, but i have nothing against it. For you activists ( read actishits ) that seem to be so passionately against it, and opposing it, I f****** dare you to oppose the visit of a figure of a “different” religion as passionately ( please if you have activists friends share this with them, them hypocritical cockheads ) TOTALLY going to see the Pope tomorrow because screw actishits. 🙂

Via Elie’s blog