Childhood has been put on hold for tens of thousands of refugee children who work long hours in detrimental conditions and sleep on the street to provide for their families. This catastrophic lifestyle poses serious risks on their physical and mental well-being and they need every help they could get, but unfortunately we all know Lebanon is incapable of handling the situation.

What we can do as Lebanese though is treat them nicely, offer food, work with NGOs to get them out of the street, enroll them in schools since they are for free this year etc …

Check out the full Guardian report [here].

That’s Bilal, he’s been here for four years. His father is dead, he lives with his mother and sisters. If he doesn’t get money, his sisters will beat him.

Moussa, he’s 14 years old. He works to get money for his father.

Bambi and Khaled. They work for themselves, nobody takes money from them. They sleep on the streets, they are homeless. They don’t have anyone to take care of them.